Engineered in Germany

OMEGA SmartBuild puts particular emphasis on quality engineering that draws on years of experience in improving building technology and fostering energy efficiency. Our engineers have a mandate to calculate the optimum insulation to reduce heating or cooling costs in the respective climates. Ruhl was awarded the prestigious Umweltpreis in Rhineland Palatinate, Germany in 2008 (Environmental Prize), which confirms our dedication to provide affordable high-technology housing with a focus on green engineering.

With a team of 30 engineers in Germany, our network allows for in-house engineering according to our corporate principles. For additional support in implementing cutting edge technology we have the ability to access German think-tank know-how for simulation, climate impact testing, or innovative product development.

SmartBuild engineering introduces a unique modular housing concept that offers advantages in speed, quality and price.

Vertical building solutions are combined with sustainable development technologies in the areas of water purification or power generation. Green engineering is provided at an affordable price to ensure an improved lifestyle for customers in developing countries.
Government quality demands and standards have been met and exceeded for projects in the most remote areas.