Innovative Systems

Innovations and Advantages of the OMEGA SmartBuild System

    • Ecological and sustainable green and clean construction.
    • Minimum pollution (noise, dust & debris) and environmental disturbances.
    • Fast and dry construction.
    • Minimum use of natural resources and energy-sensitive design.
    • Structural flexibility to withstand earth quakes and hurricanes.
    • No hoisting, heavy equipment (crane) and site welding is required.
    • Can be pre-manufactured off site and fabricated on site under all weather conditions.
    • Masonry look-alike houses.
    • Minimal skilled labor requirement.

Steel Frame

Based on Galvanized Steel Structures

Omega is able to provide solutions for traditional steel framing, as well as for a revolutionary mobile steel plant which to date is used primarily in military projects. With on-site manufacturing and simple screw tool assembly, Omega is introducing a cost-effective fast-build technology to growth markets with a high volume demand structure.

    • Significant reduction in logistics costs by only transporting coil.
    • All parts, connections and joints are assembled at site with appropriate high tension bolts, nuts, washers and simple hand tools.
    • Our structures are earthquake rated until richter scale 8 and wind loads of up to 160 miles per hour.
    • For our traditional system, the steel structure is pre-fabricated by using high frequency welded H-sections, thereby reducing the overall building weight.
    • Our structures comply with the relevant country codes of the countries in which we do business.
    • The galvanized steel provides corrosion resistance in extreme environments.

ALC Panel

Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panel - ALC PanelPreferred for Multi-Storey Building

The main ingredients of the autoclaved aerated lightweight concrete panel are silicon sand, cement, calcium lime, gypsum and small quantities of aluminum. The manufacturing process applies high-temperature and high-pressure steam to create many air holes in the panel which is reinforced with anti-corrosion processed steel bars.
The complete production process, from mixing raw material, anti-corrosion processing of steel bars, pouring of paste, cutting, steaming, pressing, to surface processing, is managed and controlled accurately and consistently using a specialized computer software, as well as through a stringent quality control process. This is an innovative building material with impressive performance capabilities.

Benefits of the ALC Panel


Compared to the traditional masonry construction, the ALC panels enable rapid installation, requiring less construction manpower, resulting in a cleaner work environment.


Using the ALC panel with a thickness of 100 mm, more internal space is achieved compared to the double brick construction method.


The dry specific gravity of the ALC panel is only 0,5. This rate is 1/5 of common concrete and 1/3 of hollow block. The total weight of a building constructed with this panel is much lighter thus reducing the cost of base and frame, as well as reducing ground sill preparation. This increases the overall efficiency of the building.

Heat and Cold Insulation:

Heat Conductivity: 0.13W/m·k
A lot of micro air holes inside the ALC panel form a static air layer in the material and make the heat inductivity 0.11w/m.k only. This is 1/10 of common concrete. The function of heat preservation of the ALC Panel of 125mm thickness is the same as a 370mm thick wall of clay bricks.

Sound Insulation:

41-48dB Penetration Loss (Rate of Sound Insulation)
A lot of micro air holes inside ALC Panel absorb sound waves and insulate the noise level. It can be used as a sound barrier to supply a silent and comfortable living environment.


OMEGA SmartBoards can be used as floor and wall panels

The OMEGA SmartBoard is a newly developed GREEN material for dry construction. This material is approved for use in the USA, PRC, South Africa, and many other countries for various applications. OMEGA SmartBoard's special characteristics are fire, water and mold resistence as well as high impact strength. It therefore is very well suited for both interior and exterior walls & sheathing applications in construction.The OMEGA SmartBoard manufacturing quality meets the ISO1182 International Fireproof Material Quality Standards.

OMEGA SmartBoards are made as individual pieces that are cut to length as they are poured into a casting tray. The initial set occurs horizontally.

However the final cure occurs vertically or with spacers between the sheets in the curing chamber.