Our OmegaGroup of Companies' Management Team has over 100 years experience in international business.

Karl-F. Kemmler

Geschäftsführer, OmegaGroup Invest & Development
Geschäftsführer, Omega Immobilien & Trading

Cato Kemmler

President, Omega SmartBuild
General Manager, OmegaGroup Middle East
President, Omega SmartBuild Americas
Member Supervisory Board, OmegaGroup I&D
Generalbevollmächtigter, Omega I&T
Manager, FirstOmega

Florian Schöpp

Head of Energy, OmegaGroup I&D

Frithjof Wiese

CEO, Omega SmartBuild East Africa AS

Niels Noekleby

Member of the Board, Omega SmartBuild East Africa AS

Marsha Collins

Senior Executive & Corporate Secretary, Omega SmartBuild Americas

Michael Ruhl

Head of Technology, OmegaGroup of Companies

Matthias Beck

Senior Project Manager, Omega SmartBuild

Richard Wang

Head of Chinese Representation, OmegaGroup of Companies

Dawit Mellesse

Head of Ethiopian Representation, Omega SmartBuild

Monika Welzel

Senior Executive Assistant, OmegaGroup of Companies
Assistenz der Geschäftsführung, OmegaGroup I&D