Our OmegaGroup of Companies' Management Team has over 100 years experience in international business.

Karl-F. Kemmler

Geschäftsführer, OmegaGroup Invest & Development
Geschäftsführer, Omega Immobilien & Trading
Geschäftsführer, Omega Real Estate

Cato Kemmler

President, Omega SmartBuild
General Manager, OmegaGroup Middle East
Joint General Manager, OmegaDover
President, Omega SmartBuild Americas
Member Supervisory Board, OmegaGroup I&D
Generalbevollmächtigter, Omega I&T
Manager, FirstOmega

Javor V. Endrev

Geschäftsführer der NEK Capital

Florian Schöpp

Head of Energy, OmegaGroup I&D

Frithjof Wiese

CEO, Omega SmartBuild East Africa AS

Niels Noekleby

Member of the Board, Omega SmartBuild East Africa AS

Marsha Collins

Senior Executive & Corporate Secretary, Omega SmartBuild Americas

Michael Ruhl

Head of Technology, OmegaGroup of Companies

Matthias Beck

Senior Project Manager, Omega SmartBuild

Georg Antosik

Head of Czech Representation, OmegaGroup I&D

Richard Wang

Head of Chinese Representation, OmegaGroup of Companies

Dawit Mellesse

Head of Ethiopian Representation, Omega SmartBuild

Monika Welzel

Senior Executive Assistant, OmegaGroup of Companies
Assistenz der Geschäftsführung, OmegaGroup I&D