Project Qualification

When engaging in new projects, the key elements taken into consideration by the management of the company are:

  • Innovative perspective
  • Social impact
  • Market development potential
  • Ability to finance
  • Level of corruption
  • Local sales prices
  • Security

OMEGA SmartBuild does not have any territorial limitations, but also seeks to optimize projects by selecting projects in areas in which it is already active. Furthermore, given our origin, we prefer to examine opportunities in countries which are considered favorably by European governmental agencies.

In addition to projects pursued by OMEGA SmartBuild as part of the project development team, we are also active in various tender processes for component delivery, technology transfer or technical training.

Countries with running projects or early stage initiation:

    • South Africa
    • Canada
    • Norway
    • Mongolia
    • Germany
    • Mozambique 
    • Saudi Arabia