OMEGA SmartBuild Technology

Our in-house technology know-how allows us to customize our components according to individual climatic conditions. OMEGA SmartBuild products are suitable for dry, wet, hot and cold climates, or for any combination thereof. Years of research in the fields of building composites, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly components has allowed SmartBuild to offer a green and affordable house today.

OMEGA SmartBuild technology means trusting in years of experience. Guided by our core principles, we engineer houses made for people – people who want to feel at home in a house that will be a companion to their family. Engineered according to individual local requirements, a house or apartment from OMEGA will make the inhabitants feel comfortable at -40 degrees, as well as at +40 degrees.

Walls are engineered to retain as much heat or cold insid the units as economically possible, optimizing the comfort zone for our clients inside their home.

OMEGA SmartBoards have been engineered with non-toxic high-tech components to prevent termites from damaging the investment, as well as stopping water from getting into the walls to create health hazardous mold.

Our technology has young families in mind.
Families who want to live a carefree and healthy life.