Technology Training

In cooperation with our partners we train the local workforce in building techniques for modular systems to assure that both speed and quality expectations are met.

The aim of this type of training is to establish a platform for the basic course and further education of electrical, building, plumbing and heating technology in accordance with the principle of the "Dual System" used in Germany. The "Dual System" combines theoretical with practical user knowledge for a professional technical vocational training of both young people, as well as for experienced employees who lack know-how in new technologies.

We particularly pride ourselves on our technical training efforts. Having been one of the sole private technical educators in Astana, Kazakhstan, we know how important it is to educate a qualified local workforce. This is at the core of our development projects and is a key aspect for our governmental cooperation and funding. Our team ensures that the people working on our projects have the skills to provide the quality our customers demand

Training in Germany

Omega is in the process of establishing a new training facility at the Ruhl location outside of Frankfurt. This complex will be the central training site that allows us to draw on the engineering know-how available in Germany. Here, we will educate the future foremen that will in turn train local unskilled labor to the level of semi-skilled.

It is our purpose to create a trickle down effect by providing a comprehensive training program in Germany.

Training on Site

For each country in which Omega is active, we seek to establish an on-site training center made up of an individual pilot house that will serve as a physical practice site, as well as allow for local component testing and quality control.

The local training center primarily focuses on making unskilled labor familiar with the Omega SmartBuild system and construction process, as well as promote local component sourcing.

Omega trained in excess of 100 local workers in East Africa on-site in 2011